One of the coolest, most violent zombi games is back- in a hacked edition.

When you see those ugly rotting zombies you don't regret killing them. And you should do it quick, otherwise they will kill you and that's not a pretty scene. Unluckily for them, you have a whole range of guns at disposal. Feel free to shoot them all and save the world population from their bloody faces.

Play The Last Stand 2 Hacked

The Last Stand 2 Hacked

The Last Stand 2 - Zombie apocalypse shoot-em-up that brings you the entire survival experience

Very few zombie survival titles manage to create the simultaneous atmosphere of human desperation, unrelenting grittiness, and unyielding resolve that The Last Stand 2 manufactures. The blend of the wandering survivors format, the barricade-based shooting, and the rich selection of firearms confirms what many on the internet have said, which is that this is probably (definitely) one of (the) best shoot-em-up games on the internet.

This Wasn’t In the Brochure

I can remember exactly what I was doing when I first started watching AMC’s The Walking Dead: I was sitting down, eating some honey roasted cashew nuts and trying to watch the walking dead over the sound of my own chewing. Alright, so I don’t think I can begin this article is dramatically as I’d hoped, but the reason I remember this level of detail is that I immediately released that the program I was watching was some a little bit special; this is exactly the way I feel about the Last Stand series.  Unfortunately for our survivors (but fortunately for our entertainment), it turns out the stand in original The Last Stand wasn’t actually the last stand, and you must in fact now take another last stand against the zombies in The Last Stand 2, which incidentally isn’t actually the last stand either due to numerous sequels, but these unfortunate people that are under attack don’t know that! An example of a survival shooter series at its best, The Last Stand 2 is a gritty tale of your dangerous journey to Union City, and I’m pretty sure all this blood wasn’t in the travel brochure.

Day(s) of the (Un) Dead

At its very core, The Last Stand 2 is a shoot-em-up game that is played in the format of a sort of roaming adventure where you must survive onslaughts from oncoming waves of zombies by barricading yourself in various buildings, each with their own map that you must work through by foraging and searching for supplies between each zombie attack in order to be able to stockpile sufficient provisions to allow you to progress to the next major town.  The game is very realistic in terms of the timeframe you must work to, which is very limited since searching buildings and traveling between cities takes time as well as supplies. Your eventual destination is Union City, which is the setting for the sequel, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves: we have to survive this one first.

The Resolve of the Living

You most definitely aren’t going to go down without a fight in this game, and said fight involves controlling your character with the WASD keys to move him about and the mouse to aim and shoot at the enemies approaching your barricade from the left of the screen. You can hold a primary and backup weapon, switching between the two using the Spacebar. Your searches will eventually locate new weapons, a variety of traps such as mines and bear-trap implements, and you can also accumulate survivors. Weapons include standard pistols, Magnum .357s, grenades, RPGs, compound bows(popularised by the ever-effervescent Walking Dead), and even a chainsaw.

Persistence of the Not-Quite-Dead

The experience is greatly enhanced by being able to arm up to four survivors so that they can provide blanket fire to supplement your efforts. Use caution however, since the zombies are in great number and of wide variety as you will soon discover. Some zombies are the classic and stereotypical stumbling kind that stagger towards you in no particular rush whereas others are remarkably fast and the kind of creatures that you wish you don’t encounter in a real zombie apocalypse. Armed zombies can attack your 4-man team and take them out with just one swipe, so bear their finite and temporary nature in mind since collateral damage is inevitable (though don’t tell them that).

More Like The Second Stand

A series of this calibre doesn’t just come up with two titles and fade away. No, sir, this one is one of longevity (just check out The Last Stand 3 for another innovative take on the format), and this second title is a perfect example of innovation in a sequel. The gameplay is different to the last in its format, the weapons are plenty, and the dark and dingy style of the menus and game in general is a wonderfully atmospheric inclusion. I can’t say it’s the best shooter of all time, but it’s so far up there I can barely reach it, and I’m not the shortest man in the meadow.

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